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When veins got swollen or lump inside or near the region around the anus then this problem is known as piles or hemorrhoids. From this line, we can understand that there are two types of piles that are internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids, formed inside and outside of the anus respectively. But there is no need to get worried about this disease as it is very easy to get piles treatment in Vadodara with Rhythm Hospital.

Piles are a common problem which usually get better by themselves after some time. This does not create a big problem most of the time. Many adults face these problems from time to time and this can occur for various reasons. With modern technology, we can treat piles very easily and effectively. It is an easy process to treat piles therefore many people have got relief from this problem and changed their life

What Causes Piles?

Piles is a medical problem generally caused by continuous high pressure on the veins around the region of the anus. There are many other reasons that cause this problem like regular constipation, low fiber diet, or continuous diarrhea. Piles could also be due to family inheritance.

As one of the best piles hospital Vadodara, we are here with you till the end of your pile problem. Some other day-to-day activities that cause piles are overweight, eating junk food, drinking less water, reading newspapers, and using mobile phones in the toilet.

Symptoms of Piles

There are many symptoms that can tell you that you are going to get piles, but some of the most common ones are listed below:
  • Bleeding during bowel movement
  • Pain and extreme itching around the anus
  • Irritation around the anus
  • Leakage of feces (body waste)
  • Lump formation near the anus
  • Swelling around the anus
  • Feeling pain during bowel movement
  • Dirty or muddy mucus in your underwear
This is not a life-threatening problem but it is painful to live with haemorrhoids. Even though it passes itself you don’t need to worry or if you are having more problems you could consult with Rhythm Expert piles doctor vadodara at Rhythm and get proper treatment.

You can feel weakness in your body due to blood loss if you are suffering from this issue. This can also create symptoms like anemia and some symptoms are the same as other digestive tract problems. If your rectum is bleeding you must go to the doctor as it is also a symptom of cancer and Crohn’s disease.

How is The Pressure on Veins Increases?

Piles are mainly considered as a normal condition but many healthcare professionals, and doctors consider this as an abnormal issue due to swollen Vessles. This swelling only occurs when the pressure on small blood vessels increases.

Due to this pressure, the size of blood vessels increases and creates more symptoms. It is not a huge problem because our doctors can easily manage these types of medical cases. There are various reasons that increase pressure on blood vessels are mentioned below:
  • Chronic and acute diarrhoea
  • Sitting on your toilet seats for long durations can increase the pressure in blood vessels near the anus region.
  • Obesity or overweight
  • Low fiber diet can create pain while having a bowel

These are some of the things which can easily increase the pressure in blood veins near the anus. Not only this but pregnancy can create swelling and can easily contribute to increasing pressure. In addition to these, women have to go through many hormonal changes during pregnancy and this can make mussels that support the anus and rectum weak.

What Makes Rhythm Best Piles Hospital Vadodara?

Rhythm Hospital is one of the leading hospitals for the best piles treatment in Vadodara. We provide full-time patient care and give a world-class hospitality experience in the city. As a top-notch hospital, we have a high-class team of fully skilled and professional doctors and surgeons, who will ensure that you get high-quality treatment.

High risk cases

High risk cases

we have expert team of Anesthesia, cardiologist, Intensivist which combat against any unforeseen critical event during or after the Piles surgery.

Highly Experienced Team

Highly Experienced Team

We have a team of fully professional doctors having years of experience in their work, which makes them one of the best doctors in the country.

Clinical Excellence

Clinical Excellence

Our team of doctor have experience in handling many cases even the worst one and have an adorable success rate

We Use advanced Equipment

We Use advanced Equipment

With the abscess latest technology, we can easily use hi-tech methods for diagnosing and treatment.

Personalized Care

Personalized Care

At our hospital, we have a lot of different teams for different patients so they can get the high-quality treatments they need.

Strict Hygiene Protocols

Strict Hygiene Protocols

As the best piles hospital Vadodara, everyone in our hospital has to follow a very strict hygiene protocol which makes our hospital healthier and cleaner for our patients.

How do we Provide the Best Treatment for Piles?

Piles Diagnosis

  • Our expert doctors use some methods to examine the piles’ patients. The first method is the visual examination. The doctor looks at the rectum and identifies internal hemorrhoids or external hemorrhoids.
  • The second method is the digital examination. In this process, doctors lubricate their gloves and put their fingers inside the rectum to identify any abnormal growth
  • The third and last method is image testing, which method usually done for internal hemorrhoids (piles), this is done with the help of a medical tool called an anoscope.

Surgery for Piles by the Best Piles Doctor Vadodara

Our multispeciality hospital has a team of the best Piles Doctor Vadodara and here pile is treated by laser treatment. It is considered the last method and comes into action when home remedies are unable to treat piles. People must consult a doctor before getting into piles treatment.
Laser surgery is said to be the most effective and advanced method for the treatment of piles. In this treatment, doctors will use laser light to burn and shrink your swollen parts. For this, the surgeon focuses on anus tissues with narrow laser light, this process is fully safe and painless, and you won’t even bleed while this surgery.

Stapler Surgery: In selected cases staplers are used for piles surgery, which is also an advanced technique to remove piles with minimal pain, less bleeding and infection free.

How Our Laser Treatment is Best For Piles Treatment in Vadodara

Body healing after piles operation is a very stressful part. But our doctors use high technology for treatment which can help you to heal quickly.
Piles treatment does not take much time therefore you can get discharged from our hospital after 1-2 days from treatment. There is very little post-operative care that you have to follow so you can easily get to your daily routine.
Laser treatment is the best treatment for piles as it does not create any scars on your body, doctors can do this without using stitches after all.
This process of laser treatment will take only 2-3 hours, you can easily pass these hours without any kind of pain even after the treatment you will not feel any kind of pain or irritation.
In our Rhythm Hospital, almost every patient recovers from their problem of piles. This shows that we have a high success rate compared to other hospitals in India.
With our team of qualified and certified doctors, we can handle any kind of situation and give you expert consultation for the problem. Our doctors will monitor your progress even after the treatment to ensure your smooth and healthy life.
As one of the best hospitals in India, we are always ready to provide you with a solution to your problem. No matter when you need us we are here 7 days and 24 hours to assist you.
The surgery for piles treatment just takes a few hours so for your comfort your family can come to meet you after that.

Piles can be treated by many methods but laser treatment is considered the most effective and have the maximum success rate. You will get recovered as we use the latest German technology for treatment. The doctors in our hospital for piles treatment in Vadodara are highly skilled and well-experienced in operating hi-tech machines for operations.

  • Free Pick-up and drop (Non-Ambulance vehicle) with in Vadodara City.
  • For cash less services pre-surgery booking and pre-approval facility for fast admission and discharge.
  • Room admission facility for special room patients, Non need to stand in queue.

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