Core values

Our tools to carry out our mission

“ A principle isn’t a principle until it’s cost you something”.

Therefore we need to commit ourselves to our core values, to nurture our vision and finally, to create a brand value that society can identify with.

Core values

‘ What we do is our function, but how we do , it becomes ..our REPUTATION ’.
Every individual involved in health care should stay sensitive to building his own reputation.
Each one of us is intelligent ,knowledgeable, and well informed……. above all, each one of us works by heart , so We are ‘THE HEART SQUAD’…!

For patient care

“ Serve first” !

  • Our actions establish and maintain respect, dignity , responsiveness and accountability.
  • We serve with empathy and compassion.
  • We stay true to the science we practice.
  • We establish affordable modalities of cardiac care for patients belonging to different socioeconomic strata.

For our team members

  • We are team members of a “HEART SQUAD”.
  • We strive to provide an inspirational leadership and a holistic workplace, where talent could flourish.
  • Every member of the team is a unique and responsible individual.

Build up your identity

Stay unique

Not just one among a big flock

Core values for our team members

We Hire For Values CURIOSITY, ETHICS & DRIVE We Train For Skills We Acknowledge Your Achievements We Progress We Reward.

Our Benchmark As An Organisation Shall Be To Increase Your Value And Stay As A Bright Mark On Your CV.

Finally, Our Mission Is To Stay Dedicated To The Dna Of Our Organisation , Nurture, Respect And Build Up A Reputation For Self And For The Organisation.

Meet the Team

Our Specialists

We offer highly specialised medical care, on one site, from some of the foremost
national and international specialists in their fields of medicine.



Dr. Anand Ahuja


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Health Packages

At Rhythm Heart Institute we offer a wide range of health check-up choices through various healthcare packages. These have been thoughtfully designed to target all sections of society.

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To take the appointment online please check Doctors schedule according to the specialty.