Ortho Rehabilitation

From minor back pain to major orthopedic surgery, we’re dedicated to helping you get back to doing the things you love. Losing freedom of movement due to an orthopedic injury, illness or surgery can be challenging. We’ll be at your side with expert care and support as you rebuild your strength and mobility to allow you to return to life.
Our Rehabilitation Program has many components, including physical and occupational therapies, minimally-invasive pain proceduresand injury rehabilitation.
The rehabilitation team closely monitors a number of areas of concern for orthopedic injuries, including proper skin care for the surgery site. For orthopedic operations that require substantial range of motion therapy, such as knee replacement rehabilitation or hip replacement rehab, the team works to strengthen the surrounding muscles to improve movement and stability, and addresses ambulatory and lifestyle issues affected by the injury or surgery based on the patient’s individual needs. Patients—and their families—are taught how to compensate for the injury and also shown ways to attain maximum independence by managing the activities of daily life.


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Health Packages

At Rhythm Heart Institute we offer a wide range of health check-up choices through various healthcare packages. These have been thoughtfully designed to target all sections of society.

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