Stroke Management

Strokes occur when blood flow to brain tissue is compromised. This is most commonly caused by atherosclerosis. This disease occurs in all humans to some extent, but is accelerated by certain co-morbidities (the presence of more than one health condition) or risk factors. There are some risk factors that cannot be modified, such as age, gender, heredity and ethnicity, that have influence on the rate of progression of this disease. There are also modifiable risk factors that create a predisposition to stroke such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, smoking, obesity, cardiac disease, lack of exercise and atrial fibrillation. If these health issues are identified and treated, the risk for stroke can be greatly reduced.
Evaluation by a neurologist at Rhythm Stroke Center is essential to the treatment of stroke. After admission and testing, the best treatment protocols are selected. After stroke injury, rehabilitation and assessment and correction of various stroke risk factors are addressed during intense medical scrutiny. Neurologists at Rhythm Heart Institute are able to provide all types of treatment for stroke victims.


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